Our Factory

Our factory

Silveray Stationery Company (SSC) not only boasts a network of regional hubs and offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and East London but is further supported by over 900 paper converted products produced at SSC’s own factory in Mobeni, Durban. The Durban facility produces Croxley paper and board products with a compliment of 395 permanent staff active at the facility. There is a strong sense of pride in such goods being manufactured within South Africa, especially considering that the country was once an export market for the UK business that started it all.

Over the last five to six years, SSC has implemented an investment programme to fulfil the modern quality requirements of the market, as well as increasing speed and efficiency in production. Ranked among the quickest of its kind currently operating in Africa, high-performance modern German equipment is predominantly used in operations. This modernisation saw SSC invest approximately ZAR 80 million (US$8.15 million) and received an ISO Certifications that proves that the factory quality processes are implemented and followed by everyone in the organisation.

In addition to this, training courses are run on a continuous basis throughout the factory, enabling staff to continue to develop. A cyclic three-year apprenticeship system in place, which has currently afforded 16 apprentices the opportunity to work in the factory which is very important to encourage the development of those who could very well be the future of SSC manufacturing.

Our focus is on both the people who work alongside us, and the customers to whom we supply. Croxley, in particular, is a brand of renowned quality, and we are inspired to continue upholding this expectation made of us by our clients – when they receive the product, they know that it is of impeccable quality, with zero defects, as befits the Croxley name. Such high standards have been a commitment undertaken by SSC throughout the company’s history, and such principles remain just as crucial today.

To minimise pollution, SSC enforces a policy of sourcing material from suppliers operating sustainable forestry programmes. Renewable energy is also highlighted by the Durban factory’s solar powered water heating system, as well as energy-saving lighting systems installed throughout the complex. Not only does this indirectly assist Eskom but also reduces our energy and production costs. Additionally, our water requirements (excluding drinking water) are served by our borehole water supply system.

Although a beneficiary of tremendous success, SSC remains cognisant of the challenges present in the market. The global climate is such that the need for innovation is constant, not solely pertaining to product improvement, but also in creating alternatives to existing market products – blue ocean ideas, one might say. In engaging in market research, SSC liaises with various companies and industry leaders worldwide – for example, a partnership is in place with Poland’s Esselte to engage in knowledge transfer and collaborate on new products that will be produced in the factory. The introduction of new products, as well as revitalising the Croxley brand is in place in order to remain relevant to the younger generation, penetrate new markets and increase our market foothold. There is certainly no shortage of activity in motion, with a wealth of developments ensuring that both SSC and Croxley remain at the forefront of South African stationery manufacture and distribution. The future looks set to compound the accomplishments of this company’s extensive history and it is a dynamic tale indeed, destined to be written as a success story committed to the finest paper that South Africa can provide.

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    Silveray Stationery Company (SSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited, is a manufacturer and distributor of leading stationery brands.